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Welcome to "Vibe Forever" a whimsical state of Mind of K. Camp. Inspired by Sam Levinson's Euphoria, "Vibe Forever" will be a gorgeously stylized aesthetic, to tap into his  vibes experience. Please take a look at the video moodboard  below.

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We start with a wide  shot of a cartoon version of Lead Actress.  We transition  into the real world. We Then push into shot of  K. Camp standing, looking in the mirror preparing to leave and performing the song,  with Leading actress in the back ground

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We Open with  K. Camp  Picking up his lead model in Vintage car. We cut to  moving car shot, shot on crane: the location, metro area any city. 


We cut t to the couple arriving at the local carnival, we shoot b roll’s of them doing what lovers do, at the local fair”

We reveal Neyo, as K. Camp and his date walk past Neyo & his date, we then move with Neyo as he performs his verse.

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