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“​Waiting To Inha​le: The Movie” is a comedy based on a day in the summertime of Atlanta, Georgia when four suburban kids spend the entire day searching for some marijuana to smoke.

Nate, Zulu, Pimp, and Zulu’s little brother, Larry, drive all over the city searching for a marijuana dealer in the city, only to keep running into situations that makes it more difficult to complete the mission.


Everything from buying fake marijuana, to bad marijuana, to being harassed by local police patrol. Nate’s neighbor, Big Roe, and his friends, sell marijuana but won’t do business with Nate because of an old high school love triangle that went sour.

To make matters worse, Nate and his friends must get some marijuana before the sun goes down, because that’s when the Midnight Robbing Crew starts making their rounds. AB+L Radio personality, Fly Ty, is keeping Nate and friends updated on the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Georgia, via car radio, while they ride through the city.This story is full of fun, laughter, and suspense. Follow Nate and his friends on this one­day comedic journey to inhale.


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