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Copy of Martin Luther King Jr Day 2021 T

Soul Train will be a hilarious, vanglorious spat on YBN Nahmir's "haters' ', As Nahmir goes completely against the grain at his video shoot. We will shoot it in partial reality tv style & cinematic  with subtitles of the audience see's how bad the production is going. Kind of like "Curb Your enthusiasm and Real Husbands of hollywood".


We open this video with Nahmir and the gang in the living room smoking chilling playing video games. We cut to Nahmir on his laptop checking his comments on his latest release. His homeboy looks over and sees a few comments, somebody else on their phone like "damn geez they going in on you"..laughing.  




As Nahmir looks into the comments we zoom into a social media world with a tons of comments about how badddddd "SOUL TRAIN" is. We pull back out to Nahmir. He's Closes the laptop and says "Fuck it, these Ni**** hate this song so much,  Ima shoot a video jst to piss these ni**** off!" (while laughing).



The entire video Nahmir will be sh*tting on shooting my Soultrain masterpiece, and he is most uncooperative, cool, but not with the video because of the hate online.  The stylist pulls up and he says "nah", the barber pulls up and he Like "nope". Nahmir  says ``nah" to all the basic video necessities. He is just there for the models, free crafty and product placement (free weed).” We show shots of me and my crew laughing about how bad the song, but try and act cool when he comes around. He is not agreeing to ANYTHING i say, i get frustrated, he super cool & chill, the whole production is pointless. Just thee most. We never get to a


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