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YBN NAMIR's OPP Stoppa will be homogenous ghetto twist to Siska's 2015 "Unconditional Rebel" music video. We shoot at 1000 frames per second  with Phantom Flex 4K in a single take from a car traveling at about 31 mph, the video takes us on a surreal two minute and 15 sec journey that, in fact, will only take only five seconds to shoot. We will line up as many scenes we can fit in the shoot according to Namir's & 21's verses. The setting will be a urban street or in the projects; somewhere we can have the background far enough to create at least 3 different focal lengths to add additional graphics such as 3d elements . The performances will be green srceen shot on  location & in slow motion as well, To add as a top layer of the chaos in background With the video Already lit, the slow mo showing the action will give the song a visual a unique edge. 

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