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      My Shit, will be a mash up of Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” & Gucci Mane's “Ferrari boys” music videos. Shot with an initial BTS feel, in the beginning of the video we will capture “a day in the life feel” of Bizzy Banks, showcasing him as he handles the daily tasks of what it means to be a hot buzzing and rising artist.  

    It would be like a 1 shot of him walking off of set filming being followed by security & crew,  another shot of him signing a few autographs and taking a few pics with fans, as well a scene incorporating him curving groupies. We will see him transition to the  "fantasy” Music video world has he hops into a Ferrari and rides off from set. Our next shots from there will be 1 car performance & another performance with his crew behind him.

ABGold-01 (1).png
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