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"Custom Kings: Jaye Customs"





Opening Montage:

  • Dynamic shots of Jaye Customs shop, showcasing various custom car builds, bustling activity, and snippets of Jarvis, JR, and Devon at work.

    • Background Music: Upbeat, energetic track.

    • Narration (Jarvis): "Welcome to Jaye Customs, the best custom and collision shop in Georgia. I’m Jarvis, and this is my team, JR and Devon. We handle the craziest custom projects & insurance claims and turn them into luxury custom cars."

2. Meet the Celebrity Client (2 minutes)

  • Introduction of Lil Meech: Brief montage of Lil Meech, highlighting his role in "BMF" on Starz and his popularity.

    • Narration: "Today, we've got a special guest. Lil Meech from the hit TV show 'BMF' on Starz has brought us a big challenge."

  • Customer Testimonial (Lil Meech): Green screen interview with Lil Meech explaining the accident.

    • Lil Meech: "I never thought I'd crash my Maybach Benz truck, but it happened. I heard Jaye Customs is the best place to get it fixed and make it look even better."

  • Visuals: Footage of the crashed Maybach Benz truck, close-ups of the damage, and Lil Meech's reaction to the accident.

3. The Build Process for the Maybach Benz Truck (4 minutes)

  • Initial Assessment: Jarvis, JR, and Devon inspect the damage and discuss the repair and customization plan.

    • Jarvis: "This is a major job, but we're up for the challenge. We're going to restore this Maybach to its former glory and add some custom touches."

  • Collaboration with Parts Companies: Representatives from parts companies deliver high-end parts and discuss their contributions.

    • Company Rep: "We've got some premium parts for this build, including custom rims and a bespoke interior."

  • Step-by-Step Build:

    • Teardown and Assessment: Removing damaged parts and evaluating the necessary repairs.

    • Customization: Installing new parts, custom paint job, and interior redesign.

    • Reality Show Dynamics: Authentic interactions, spontaneous moments, and the hustle of the shop environment.

    • Team Dynamics: Interactions between Jarvis, JR, and Devon, showcasing their teamwork and problem-solving skills.

    • Celebrity Involvement: Lil Meech checks in on the progress, adding his input and reactions.​

4. Introduction of the Vintage Corvette Build (2 minutes)

  • Jarvis's Project: Introduction to a secondary build – a custom 1955 vintage Corvette.

    • Jarvis: "While we're working on the Maybach, we've also got a special project lined up: a custom 1955 Corvette. It's a classic, and we're going to give it a modern twist."

  • Visuals: Initial shots of the vintage Corvette, showing its current state and highlighting the vision for the build.

  • Celebrity Crossover: Brief interaction between Lil Meech and the Corvette project, adding his thoughts on the classic car.

5. The Build Process for the Vintage Corvette (2 minutes)

  • Step-by-Step Build:

    • Restoration and Customization: Detailed work on the body, engine, and interior.

    • Collaboration: Interaction with another company providing custom parts for the Corvette.

    • Reality Show Dynamics: Real-time problem solving, team discussions, and creative decisions.

    • Team Insights: Testimonials from Jarvis, JR, and Devon about the challenges and excitement of the Corvette build.

6. Testimonial Breaks (1 minute)

  • Green Screen Testimonials: Interspersed testimonials from Jarvis, JR, Devon, and Lil Meech about their experiences, challenges, and excitement for the builds.

    • Jarvis: "Working with Lil Meech on his Maybach has been a unique experience. We're putting our all into this."

    • JR: "The Corvette build is a dream project. We're combining classic and modern elements to make it truly special."

    • Devon: "Balancing these two big projects is tough, but that's what we do best."

7. The Reveal (3 minutes)

  • Final Touches: Show the finishing touches being put on the Maybach Benz truck and the vintage Corvette.

  • Customer Reaction: Dramatic reveal of the completed Maybach to Lil Meech. Capture his reaction and feedback.

    • Lil Meech: "This is incredible! You guys exceeded my expectations."

  • Team Celebration: Brief scene of the team celebrating another successful build.

  • Teaser for the Corvette Reveal: Quick preview of the finished Corvette to build anticipation for the next episode.

    • Narration (Jarvis): "Stay tuned for the reveal of our custom 1955 Corvette in the next episode of Custom Kings."

8. Teaser for Next Episode (1 minute)

  • Sneak Peek: A quick teaser of the next bizarre or luxurious insurance claim and custom car project to keep viewers hooked. Highlight another interesting collaboration with a different company for the next build.

    • Visuals: Exciting clips from the next project, celebrity involvement, and snippets of the team working on new challenges.

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