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"Fuck You"




The music video captures the raw essence of street life and the emotions of betrayal and distrust. Set against the backdrop of a lively 4th of July BBQ at June Elois Mundy Park in Atlanta, GA.

 it contrasts scenes of celebration with the heartfelt performances of Lil Donald and Ralo. Family, friends, classic and new school cars, and children playing set the stage for a powerful narrative that feels authentic and true to the artists' experiences.

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LOOK 1 - Donald in car

  • We open the video with the sound of a piano beginning to play.

  • Donald approaches his car in slow motion, setting a serious and intense tone.

  • Donald gets into the car and begins to drive.

  • He performs the first verse as the camera captures exterior shots of the car driving through the streets of Atlanta and interior shots of him riding.

  • Close-ups of the car’s wheels and dashboard for added detail.

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LOOK 2 - Ralo Park Steps Performance

  • Donald arrival at Park:

  • Wide shot of the park, showing the BBQ setup, classic and new school cars, and people enjoying the event.

  • Medium shot of Donald parking the car and stepping out.

  • Donald walks through the park, greeting family and friends.

  • Performance on Park Steps:

  • Donald finds Ralo already at the park.

  • Wide shot of  Ralo performing r on the park steps, with Donald by his side.

  • Close-up  Ralo rapping, capturing their intensity and emotion.

  • Shots of people around them, nodding along and reacting to the lyrics.

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LOOK 3 - Desolate Storefront Performance

  • Transition to Storefront:

  • Establishing shot of an old, desolate storefront.

  • Medium slow mo shots shot of Donald and Ralo at the location.

  • Performance at Storefront:

  • Wide shot of Donald and Ralo performing in front of the storefront.

  • Close-ups of both artists, focusing on their expressions and hand movements.

  • Shots of the surrounding environment, emphasizing the gritty and raw atmosphere.

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