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"Custom Kings: Jaye Customs"


Custom Kings: Jaye Customs

  • Subtitle: Transforming the Extraordinary and Bizarre into Custom Masterpieces

  • Visuals: High-energy images of custom cars, the shop, and the main cast (Jarvis, JR, Devon)


  • A reality TV show set in Jaye Customs, the best custom and collision shop in Georgia.

  • Focus on bizarre and luxury customs & insurance claims.

  • Showcase the build-out of custom cars.

  • Green screen testimonials from Jarvis, JR, Devon, and customers.

  • Visuals: Behind-the-scenes images of the shop, insurance claims, and custom car builds.


Main Cast

  • Jarvis: Owner of Jaye Customs, charismatic and skilled.

    • JR: Co-star, known for his technical expertise and humor.

    • Devon: Co-star, creative and detail-oriented.

  • Visuals: Individual photos of Jarvis, JR, and Devon with brief bios.

Supporting Cast

  • Customers: Individuals with unique and luxurious insurance claims.

    • Collaborating Companies: Providers of parts and design elements for custom builds.

  • Visuals: clips of happy customers, company logos, and representatives from collaborating companies.


Episode Structure

  • Introduction: Brief montage of Jaye Customs and the core team.

    • Insurance Claim & Customer Intro: Introduction to the customer and their unique claim & custom prijects.

    • Build Process: Step-by-step documentation of the custom build, including company collaborations.

    • Testimonials: Green screen testimonials interspersed throughout the episode.

    • Reveal: Dramatic reveal of the completed car to the customer.

    • Teaser: Sneak peek of the next episode.

Target Audience

  • Demographics: Car enthusiasts, reality TV fans, viewers interested in unique custom car life.

    • Platforms: Discovery+, Peacock, Netflix, Tubi, Hulu.

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