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Hey, Thanks For Your Interest in this non exclusive brokerage partnership with The Mäksē Agency.


What are we doing? 

We take our price list, negotiate what percentage you want for selling the service( Film, Music production, Music promo & marketing, Websites, Create concepts and identities for clients.  Create a custom website for you to promote the services with your contact info, picture, company name & logo Service packages. 

You manage Closing and Contracts. And we produce the content. 

The website for your company, brand or name will be via  via ; your site will read:


Will It Cost you anything? 

The only initial cost would be a $0 set up fee MAKE YA MONEY!!!!

What do you need to do? 

Complete form below. We Will Contact you with further info.

Upload Logo (if applicable)
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Do You Have a client ready to move forward?

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