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Horror/ thriller

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A black out in small town in tennesee cause electricity to be knocked out citywide and a killer patient in a mental hospital to escape and reek havoc on mischief night.. (night before halloween)


When the power goes out in a small town hotel 7 strangers must survive the night, and the grip of a serial killer, one of them has a dark secret (the killer is her father and she planned his escape). 

Act 1 

News reports of a massive storm brewing. We center on a small town in Tennessee called Clarksville where a psych ward patient is being transported to a facility. We get to know our main cast and why they are in clarksville staying at the same hotel, there is a connection between them all.  The city blacks out.


Act 2

The mayor is killed and left hanging at a park. This sends the whole city on a frenzy. The killer goes on a spree killing what appears to be random people until one person begins to make connections. The killer ends up in the hotel, and the group realize he may be being helped.

Act 3

Pieces begin to connect as the hotel crew discover the identity of the killer, and get blindsided by his daughter who has been with them the whole time. A final standoff occurs leaving the father daughter killer team dead and the lights finally come on in the town.

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