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For Starters thank you for your interest to have some involvement with Mäksē on Demand.  To be clear Mäksē on demand is a music entertainment channel. We are currently Streaming our 24/7 layout channel on our beta channel on the Roku media streaming device. Our goal is to add  Mäksē on demand to every major streaming device(ie tv's, phones, computers, & tablets.) Click here to view live stream.

Your seed can help us get closer to this goal. In return, We would definitely offer 750 shares out of an allotted 100,000 initial shares to be distributed costing $20 / share ($2,000,000 to potentially be rasied). And we are definitely more then open to a partnership discussion.

Whats Needed:

$5000 to complete new design for Roku, Firestick, Samsung tv, Vizio, Apple TV, smart tv, iOS, Android, Apple TV & Android TV.

We really want to be live by Jan 1.

$2500 to pay my office up for next 5 months 


$2500 for office furniture for new office locations. 


$5000 for working capital ( ie, travel expenses, meetings, dinners etc ) 


Total Bottom Line Needed $15,000

Additional Things that will Help!

New Computers , Editing Gear & Tv's for office $6,500

Even tho we discussed you becoming a founding funder and share holder. 


We still want to create a creative campaign for your clothing line. And add 1-3 to off the commercials to the networks as a sponsors for Mäksē tv( no fee’s, or charge) ie: Boosie Reebok.

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